The Blues - Women's White Crew Neck SS T-shirt

$ 30.00

Brand The Art Of Soul Ltd

We here at The Color Pop Shop love “The Blues”.  They say the blues is a poor man’s way of singing himself out of misery. We know that The Blues is much more. It is one of the earliest oral narratives of a people's struggles put to music in the tradition of the African griot. The moans and groans of a blues singer originated in the deep south from field workers songs at the end of the 19th century. Their shouts and chants were heard for hundreds of years. The sound migrated all the way up the east coast to the Harlem Night Clubs and Chicago south side. The voices and the music of the blues will live on forever.

We are so proud to bring you “The Blues” t-shirt from our exclusive The Art of Soul Ltd collection. Our illustrative collage tells the story of a cultural movement that defined a music genre with a one-and-only sound. Blues lovers all over the world will love this t-shirt. Wear it with pride.

The Art Of Soul Ltd brand exclusive design, found only at VintyFresh™.

Printed on Canvas 6004 Women's White 100% combed ring-spun cotton crew neck t-shirt. Available in Small to 2X-Large. View women's sizing charts.