VintyFresh™ is a graphic t-shirt company specializing in original, retro-modern wearable art inspired by music, sports, pop and street cultures.

Our Vision

We are VintyFresh, a collective of multi-cultural artists, musicians and poets. We are lovers of humanity and visionaries of peace. Our tees are expressive, colorful and fun to wear. Our works of art tell a story about the past, present and future of music, sports and culture... one t-shirt at a time. We hope that you not only wear our unique art designs but experience them for a lifetime.

Our Philosophy

Everyone's got a favorite graphic t-shirt in their closet. Beyond any other, it puts a warm smile on your face every time you even think of wearing it. Maybe you used to have a favorite shirt that just bit the dust for some reason. It's in tatters after you've washed it a 100 times. Your dog chewed it up along with your favorite pair of Keds. Your best friend borrowed it and never returned it. However it found it's way to t-shirt heaven, just thinking about it makes you yearn for another favorite tee. Simply put, we hope our shirts put a warm smile on your face for years to come. Every time you put one on, we encourage you to wear it in celebration of life, love, peace, happiness...and soul!

Our Mission
We at VintyFresh have one primary mission in mind... to design t-shirts destined to become your "new classic". We also combined our love for two of our favorite things that just go great together: soul music and graphic tees! What's not to love about wearing t-shirts with a great message, cool colors, a comfortable fit... with extra-special attention paid to the historical significance of important musical breakthroughs, milestones in sports and cultural movements of the past century. Our shirts pay homage to various graphic styles that have adorned some of our favorite music packaging, sports ephemera and pop iconography. Our special edition creations are made with heaps of loving care and big 'ole spoonfuls of soul. So scoop up one of our original designs and MAKE IT FRESH!

Our Exclusive Collections:
Vinty Fresh Brand: Vintage With A Modern Twist (House Brand)
The Art Of Soul Ltd: The Universal Language Of Music
Flux 45 Brand: The Mechanics Of Sound
One Love Supreme: A Celebration Of The Human Spirit
101 Athletics: The Art Of The Game
Guts & Glory Sportswear: A Tribute To Pioneers In Sports
Waxdeep Industries: Representing Vinyl Culture

We Make It Fresh!