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Cosmic Funk - Women's All-Over-Printed Short Sleeve T-shirt

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Brand The Art Of Soul Ltd

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Cosmic Funk is a more freestyle, experimental, guitar-based funk, heavily influenced by jazz, R&B and psychadelic rock with an electronic sound. It's funk that looked back to the African motherland and up to the sky in search of "the higher sound". Masters of this music genre expressed a reverence to a higher power, guided by an esoteric blend of scientific and metaphysical beliefs like cosmology, egyptology, pyramid power, "black" consciousness, sacred geomancy, astral travel and alien visitation. Above all, peace, love and brotherhood were the main messages, whether you were groovin' to Parliament's "Mothership Connection", Kool & The Gang's "Spirit Of The Boogie" or Earth, Wind & Fire's "Shining Star".

Our "Cosmic Funk" t-shirt artwork is a graphic visualization of this music genre's unique alchemy of cosmic, psychadelic and ancestral African concepts.

The Art Of Soul Ltd brand exclusive design, found only at VintyFresh™.

Printed on LA Apparel PT301 Women's 100% polyester t-shirt. Available in Small to 2X-Large.