Charlene Michael "First Date" Music Video

Charlene Michael / First Date

Music Video: Styled Exclusively by VintyFresh

The Color Pop Shop is proud to be part of London UK singer Charlene Michael's music video premiere "First Date". We are delighted to be part of wardrobe styling and have five of our t-shirts showcased in this hot video, including our "Classic Soul" t-shirt.

This music video is about a first date experience. So, we would like to know do you remember your first date? If so, was it great, horrible, fun, exciting or the worse date ever? Either way, enjoy the music video!

Charlene Michael - "First Date" (2017)

Peace from the The Color Pop Shop!

February 13, 2017 by Robert Sims


Alli Smith

Alli Smith said:

My first date was many years ago. I do remember it. Congrats on being part of the wardrobe styling for the video and having your t-shirts showcased.

Kathy Myers

Kathy Myers said:

Wow what an amazing song. I love dates even after 17 years of marriage we dress up and go out!

Robin rue

Robin rue said:

That is a great song and video to go along with it. I think this song is beautiful.

Katie Kinsley

Katie Kinsley said:

I don’t remember my first date, but I do remember my first dates with my husband. We had several nights of “non-date kinda dates” before he officially asked me out. We went on a haunted tour!

Paula Schuck

Paula Schuck said:

That is one awesome song! Thanks so much for sharing it. Very cool.


Michelle said:

I love this song and video. What a wonderful accomplishment and congratulations on having your fashion showcased in it.


candy said:

I fondly remember our first date. We were high school sweethearts. It was a dance. It ended very well.

Bryna  Sims

Bryna Sims said:

Love This Song..I’m finger poppin and moving and grooving to First Date. Love Charlene Michael’s voice. I rate this song 10+.


Pam said:

Congratulations on having your tee shirts featured! What a fun song to be involved with,

Annemarie LeBlanc

Annemarie LeBlanc said:

I fondly remember that first date. Haha. Anyway I think this song is very catchy. Nice tune, superb performance of Charlene Michael.

Jacqui @FlightsofFancyMom

Jacqui @FlightsofFancyMom said:

It has been ages since I’ve been on a first date! This sounds like a great song for it though.

Lisa Favre

Lisa Favre said:

Oh my – I think my first date was in the eighth grade. It was hardly a date because we were “accompanied” by our friends. It was the only way our parents would let us go to the movies!

Jaime Nicole

Jaime Nicole said:

What a great song- catchy melody! I don’t know if I even want to try and remember my first date lol!

Bites for Foodies

Bites for Foodies said:

My first date was actually a funny experience because we had to be sneaky. I had an ex who just wouldn’t let go, and lived in a small town where everyone knew what everyone else was doing, lol!

Kathleen Kennedy-Leon

Kathleen Kennedy-Leon said:

Congratuations on getting your t-shirts featured in this cool music video. What a great feeling that must be! The song and video are great-I’m sure this will be a hit and you will be on your way!

Dawn Gibson-Thigpen

Dawn Gibson-Thigpen said:

omggg how cute. i love the song and the entire vibe.oh and style on fleek.

Censie Sawyer

Censie Sawyer said:

I love the music video! It is so fun. Also, why dont we get to see more music videos? I love them! Maybe eventually we will see more artists promoting their music this way again.

Mimi Green

Mimi Green said:

My first date was 13 years ago. Babe and I went to a basketball game. It was a lot fun and he turned out to be a keeper.

Stephanie JEannot

Stephanie JEannot said:

The music is really nice. Great singing. Love the surroundings.

Sue Reddel

Sue Reddel said:

So many years ago! It was fun and innocent – oh how I miss those days. Love your t-shirts!

colleen wool

colleen wool said:

What a great song. The video is also great. I remember me and my hubbys first date.

Bobby Sims

Bobby Sims said:

Great sound and beat, in the pocket-great to dance to. The video production was well put together. We love you here in the USA Charlene. We wish you much success with your career.

yona williams

yona williams said:

That’s very cool to have your T-shirts showcased in a music video. I had to really think about my first date. I never had one in high school unless you count the prom, and I wouldn’t really say that it was a ‘real’ date. I don’t have a story or memory of one…nothing that sticks out in my head that I’d count as a first date…like going to the movies, a restaurant or putt-putt…I’m kind of nostalgically sad now about that…


Valerie said:

Love the name. I love learning about new music. I will check this out. You know by the title it’s going to be fun.

Nikka Shae

Nikka Shae said:

What a great song!! I love to hear about new music!!


rika said:

Thanks for sharing this video.. The song is amazing! I have to check out more songs from the artist!


Dogvills said:

My first date was ages ago. It was a disaster! Lol.I love the song.

Aileen Adalid

Aileen Adalid said:

Oh wow, that’s so cool that you got featured! and that’s really one cool video. All the best to you in the future! You’ve got great items here!


Lynndee said:

Oh yeah, I still remember my first date. It was a little awkward since it was both mine and my late husband’s first date ever. Both of us have never been in any relationship before. It was sweet though and I’ll never forget that night.


Clara said:

I love to discover new artists. She seems very promising. The concept of a first date is something all of us can identify with as well.

my teen guide

my teen guide said:

i remember those old days!! thanks for posting this, i miss my friends and my first date! lol


uprunforlife said:

I remember my first boyfriend. Holy moly, that was a long time ago.

Tatanisha Worthey

Tatanisha Worthey said:

With my first boyfriend, our first date was on our one year anniversary. He took me to a restaurant that only served sushi which he knew I hated. Then, he flirted with the waitress the entire time as she leaned/sat on our table in front of him. It was actually a double date with my older sister and it was embarrassing. I didn’t count it as a first date it was so bad. My next boyfriend became my husband and our first date was perfect. I LOVE the video and that classic soul shirt is on the money.


Echo said:

Congrats on such an awesome video and song! It is so fun to see something come together!

Shannon Gurnee

Shannon Gurnee said:

Congrats on your video and song! You did a great job! Can’t wait to see what else you come up with!

Shaney Maharaj

Shaney Maharaj said:

Congrats to you, this turned out lovely. Geez… thinking about my first date with hubby now that was over 7 years ago.


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