The Blues, An American Original

The Blues T-shirt

The Blues / T-Shirt

Brand: The Art Of Soul Ltd / Exclusively for VintyFresh

The blues is the inheritance of a soulful sound from Black American culture. It signifies an everyday lifestyle of joy and pain infused with song, music and dance. The blues is incorporated with fierce powerful elements of southern gospel and spiritual vocals. It's timespan reaches all the way back to the cotton fields of Delta Blues on up to the modern blues of today. Presently, the blues is being sung by various nationalities all over the world.

In a little old jukebox in Mississippi on a Saturday night, party-goers would dance the night away while listening to the blues. On a hot Sunday morning, preachers would preach the gospel with a blues fervor while the saints would sweat and wave their fans. These moments are the seeds of the blues. R&B and Jazz musicians have borrowed scats, riffs and musical modulations from the blues. Today, the blues is a significant part of urban and pop culture DNA. The modern day popularity of the blues speaks to this music genre's universal, timeless appeal. The blues could be happy and the blues could be sad, but the blues will never leave us. It is soul music's main ingredient. It is an American original. It is part of the human experience.

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August 09, 2015 by Robert Sims
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Robin Masshole mommy

Robin Masshole mommy said:

That is a cute tshirt. It doesn’t get much more American than a tshirt and jeans.

Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle said:

I love these clothes. Nothing is as American as a tee shirt and jeans. The shirts are great!


Jenn said:

These look like great tshirts! There is nothing more comfortable then jeans and tshirt!


Jeanette said:

This looks like something right up my alley. I am a comfy gal and this is comfy clothes! Great look!

Megan Elford

Megan Elford said:

The Blues are classic and so original. They’re built on emotion and always evoke a reaction. These styles are a great way to pay tribute to an American tradition!

Bobby Murphy

Bobby Murphy said:

The delta sound I can just fill-it, what a wonderful idea for a t-shirt. I’m placing my order now!

Diana Villa

Diana Villa said:

All those look so cool, I love the designs :D

Bryna B

Bryna B said:

Listening to blues music brings an undeniable feeling that cries out to the soul. I love this funky blues t-shirt, got to have it.


kristin said:

I grew up wearing a t-shirt and jeans. Nothing is better besides the birthday suite. Thank you for sharing.


Dawn said:

I always like listening to the blues. It’s soulful and tells a great story. This shirt is very nice!

shelley Zurek

shelley Zurek said:

I lived in Chicago. We went to the bar at least once a week and listened to the greats.


rika said:

i love listening to the blues! Very relaxing and happy mood! Great shirt and great design!

Joanne T Ferguson

Joanne T Ferguson said:

What great Blues t shirts and love the design! What a great tee to send the Blues away on Mondays! :)

Annemarie LeBlanc

Annemarie LeBlanc said:

Somedays I love listening to the blues. It relaxes me a lot. The songs in this genre always tells of a story, sometimes sad, sometimes inspiring but always good.

Chubskulit Rose

Chubskulit Rose said:

My husband love graphic tees. O will check into this, I might find a design that he would like.

Alyssa C

Alyssa C said:

My fiance would love this company! Thank you for sharing.


Lynndee said:

Those shirts are cute! I love the graphics – so unique and creative. My husband would love it for sure.

Nina Say

Nina Say said:

I collect t shirts, so you called my name with this! Looking more into this, thanks a bunch.


Mykidsguide said:

These graphic tees are so nice. I need to get a few for my husband, I’m sure he’ll love this.


Michelle said:

Those are some really great T-shirt designs and I really like how creative they look! I need to add some more designs to my clothing collection so these are definitely on my list.


Rosey said:

I like to hear Blues sometimes too. If it’s live, even better! The tees are great.


CourtneyLynne said:

Omg loving all the designs! I’m all about t-shirts these days! So comfy :)

Chrystal | YUM eating

Chrystal | YUM eating said:

T-shirts are my daily wear since I work from home. Blue is such a great shade as it works with all other solid colors – so jeans or khaki and you are good to go.

Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly said:

My cousin is a preacher and he is really into blues music, this t-shirt looks perfect for him!


HilLesha said:

My husband has always been a been a big-time music lover, so I know he’d love this tee! I may order one for him for Christmas.

Rebecca Swenor

Rebecca Swenor said:

I have always loved the blues music along with Jazz. It has always been something I enjoyed listening to since I was a kid. I love these t-shirts and will have to check these out for sure. Thanks for sharing.


krystal said:

my husband would love this since it’s his favorite color AND favorite kind of music. very cool fashion!

Uplifting Families

Uplifting Families said:

My oldest son would love to have a shirt like this. I’ll have to show it to him.


Erin said:

I love those shirts! But I bet my brother would love them even more. Now I know what to get for him!

Mimi "MimiCuteLips" Green

Mimi "MimiCuteLips" Green said:

Nothing says comfort like a great graphic tee. I love the styling and inspiration behind this line.


Winter said:

Great history on the blues, I love the blues and these tees commemorate the history of the blues perfectly.


KAte said:

I love a great t-shirt. This one looks really cool. Love the graphics on it all about the Blues.


zkppjbqhwp said:

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