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Love Peace Soul / T-Shirt

Brand: One Love Supreme / Exclusively for The Color Pop Shop

Calling all children of the sun! We're sending out some summer love to all of our fans across the world. Special shout outs to our fans in Australia, Japan, Brazil and South Africa who have shown big love for us this summer. We hope our message of love, peace and soul can bring a smile to everyone our tees can reach.

Check out the Love Peace Soul t-shirt collection, exclusively for One Love Supreme brand, only at The Color Pop Shop.


August 08, 2015 by Robert Sims
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Terry said:

How soft and comfortable that shirt looks. A peaceful feeling would come over me just wearing it.


Kiwi said:

Great model for the shirt! I love this fun brand always have the best designs and great quality and colors!


Lisa said:

What a cute shirt. It looks so soft and cozy. I like the message one it too.


Michele said:

I love the saying on this tee shirt. It does look very comfortable. I definitely have to go in and see what other sayings these tees come in. I wear tees a LOT and love them!

michelle bowman

michelle bowman said:

Really love this shirts it looks soft and comfortable i need that kind of shirt everyday to feeling fresh all time love the message too


Jeanine said:

Looks like a comfy shirt. I love the Color it would be perfect for this weather too nice and cool I bet! Looks great.


Jacob said:

That shirt looks so comfy and I love the design. I’ll have to share it with the wife. I’m sure she’d love it!

Mama to 5 Blessings

Mama to 5 Blessings said:

What a cute shirt. I like the colors and the design. Very fashionable!

Amanda Tempel

Amanda Tempel said:

What a cute shirt, and a great meaning, with it. I love the pop of color it has too.


Heather said:

Love the tee! I like comfortable T-shirts. I’m a jeans and tee kinda girl and this is totally my style.


Ourfamilyworld said:

I love the tee! It looks so comfortable and the material looks soft and light.


nikki said:

I love that shirts and the message. it looks comfortable perfect wear during summer heat

Shirgie Scf

Shirgie Scf said:

I will definitely love to have one!!! I love the message because it somehow sends out positivity to the world and to whoever reads it Great pose.. :)


Tiffany said:

I love how comfortable this tee looks and the vintage inspired font and saying are just double bonuses.

Lisa @bitesforbabies

Lisa @bitesforbabies said:

I love it! It looks so comfortable, simple yet chic! I also love the combo of pink and grey!

Stephanie Pass

Stephanie Pass said:

What a cute tee! It looks comfy and chic!


Tiany said:

Very cute, look incredibly soft. Stylish yet comfy! Love it!

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