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Brand: Guts & Glory Sportswear / Exclusively for VintyFresh

The number 42 is a very monumental and historical number. For all of us who believe in justice, social change and tearing down barriers that separate the human spirit, we are all part of the number 42. Who knew that the number 42 in sports would become such a legendary number known around the globe? The vibrational number 4 defines patience, devotion and conviction. The spiritual number 2 means union or division. Before the civil rights movement, people had witnessed an unbelievable transition from division to union with this magical number. Today we honor and celebrate the number 42 with our inaugural Guts & Glory t-shirt and accessories. We are all the number 42!

Our graphic artwork comes in three different colorways for men and two for women. Tote bag and coffee mug are also available. Shop the Number 42 collection now.

A Guts & Glory Sportswear exclusive design, found only at VintyFresh.

June 19, 2016 by Robert Sims
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Cindy Ingalls

Cindy Ingalls said:

I had no idea that the number 42 held such a specific meaning. I love learning little trivia like this.

Liz Mays

Liz Mays said:

Very cool design! It’s awesome that this number is still so iconic. I think this would be a great gift.

Elizabeth O.

Elizabeth O. said:

That’s an awesome design for a t-shirt! It’s definitely iconic and i’m sure a lot of people will love this.


adriana said:

What an amazing idea this is! As a huge baseball fan, this is awesome! Love the colors too. SO great!

Marcia F

Marcia F said:

This would be a great Christmas or birthday gift.


victoria said:

Such a cool design! perfect for event gift ideas.

Robin Rue

Robin Rue said:

I am loving this shirt design. I had no idea the significance of the number 42.


Ashley said:

Nice trivia! I love the anything that has a 4 in it :)


DogVills said:

Oh, this is very interesting. We didn’t know that #42 has a significant in our history.

Nicole Etolen

Nicole Etolen said:

This is a rich background. This number seems to be so important for us today, the history behind it is so interesting.

Kelly Reci

Kelly Reci said:

I super love the design and the history at its back. This is so nice to know.

Lisa Rios

Lisa Rios said:

Honestly, I must admit that I never know that the number 42 has such a great meaning behind it. The T-Shirt looks amazing with those graphic background and could be a wonderful gift idea as well.


Rosey said:

Hey that’s cool to hear the history behind the number. It’s fun to have it on a tee.

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