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Brand: Vinty Fresh Brand / Exclusively for The Color Pop Shop

Women's hairstyles have come and gone over time but there are some classics from the last century that no one can forget. Many of these hairstyles were direct reflections of the times during which they were popular. Beehives and Bouffants marked a woman's status in "high society" and still appear in high fashion spreads today. Victory Curls and other rockabilly styles first premiered during World War II and still keep rockin' on today. Some styles like The Natural and Afro Puffs were counter-culture political statements of pride and self-love. Looking back, all were just 100% fabulous!

Our hand-illustrated artwork showcases a bevy of beauties in the most unforgettable hairdo's that were the rage then... and now. Our customized typography pays tribute to the many kitschy hairdo advertisements of the 60s and 70s that commercialized popular hairdos in a way that has never been seen since. These timeless hairdos are testaments to the phrase "true beauty never goes out of style".

Shop the Glamorama collection of women's graphic tees and accessories now.

A Vinty Fresh Brand brand exclusive design, found only at The Color Pop Shop.

February 07, 2015 by Robert Sims
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Sophie O'Reilly

Sophie O'Reilly said:

I love this, Pink is also my favourite colour! :)

Penny Struebig

Penny Struebig said:

So cute! Vintage things are so popular right now. This stuff is great!

Angelic Sinova

Angelic Sinova said:

How cute! I love how vibrant the colors are. I’ll definitely have to check these shirts out <3

Stephanie Hebert

Stephanie Hebert said:

Very original! The colors are so bright and cool! My sisters would love these!

Tammilee Tips

Tammilee Tips said:

This is a great t-shirt! I love finding new t-shirts with fun patterns and designs on them.


myrabev said:

Love the lovely colour and unique styles of the T-shirts. Hair styles have definitely come and gone

Local Adventurer

Local Adventurer said:

i’m digging these hairdos from back in the day! :) i feel like they’ve been making a come back. i love that your shirts are hand illustrated too.

Shaney Vijendranath

Shaney Vijendranath said:

I’m loving this! Pink is my favorite colour and the graphics are awesome. I would buy it!


Lauren said:

I’m a HUGE fan of vintage things! Thanks for posting!


Penelope said:

Retro! I love that, I love all things that are reminiscent of past times :)


Dogvills said:

What a cute t-shirt. I love the color and designs. It is very original

Rebecca Swenor

Rebecca Swenor said:

This is interesting for sure. I will have to check The Color Pop Shop out indeed. Thanks for sharing.


CourtneyLynne said:

ok I’m totally loving this t-shirt,but then how could
I not… It’s the best color EVER ;-)



Blue and pink are my favorite colors. I like vintage themed designs too! This is so glamorous!

AJ @ NutriFitMama

AJ @ NutriFitMama said:

I absolutely love the vintage designs. Looks great!


Xmasdolly said:

Well, that’s definitely different, but I do love the vintage design. Not sure about the colors, but I think the blue & pink against black would look awesome.

Modern Pilgrim

Modern Pilgrim said:

I like the name glamorama! Vintage is always a winner too. Great job on this!


Peachy said:

This is a cute t-shirt design. It brings back memories of the 80’s.

Jennifer at Making Our Life Matter

Jennifer at Making Our Life Matter said:

This shirt really brings back memories of my childhood! And probably the only time I ever liked pink. Thanks for sharing!


dkmhghgrkv said:

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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