Brand Spotlight: Vinty Fresh Brand

Vinty Fresh Brand: Vintage with A Modern Twist
We define “vintyfresh” as anything vintage with timeless appeal that you could rock today in a modern way. Our Vinty Fresh Brand t-shirts are modern twists on our favorite pop culture vintage classics. From glamtastic beauty ads and old school movie posters to retro product packaging and mid-century graphic design, we’re taking a fresh look back at our favorite trends from the '50s, '60s, '70s and '80s that might have come and gone... but never went out of style.

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September 22, 2014 by Robert Sims
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Fi Ni Neachtain

Fi Ni Neachtain said:

Very unique designs on those t-shirts. I really like the peace sign at the end of the comb on those particular designs. Vinty is a great word, I need to start using it!


Christy said:

I love the Afro shirts! Actually I have been loving all things vintage! And retro! Thank you for sharing this. I will be diving into these pretty neat shirts and accessories in just a bit.


Nikki said:

I love the fun and funky 70s style designs! They’re vintage yet I think some of the color schemes give them a modern twist. These would make great gift ideas! The coffee mug is my favorite.


Adrienne said:

How retro! I love the hair pick on the products. lol They make me want to go listen to the Jackson 5! I really like how they’re retro with a modern twist. Great graphics!

Carin Kilby Clark

Carin Kilby Clark said:

I love the term vinty fresh! Really nice designs – and such cool graphics.


Hezzi-D said:

This is awesome! The term vinty fresh is so cool. I love so many of the graphics on the shirts they are vintage yet modern.


Melissa said:

My best friend loves Retro tshirts. I will have to check these out for her. Thanks!

Betsy @

Betsy @ said:

These are really nice looking shirts. Great graphics. Definitely retro. The green one is my favorite color, I think. But I’m partial to greens :)

michelle h

michelle h said:

I love how colorful your designs are! And they do have a funky 70’s vibe. I can think of several people I would buy the tote bags for and would of course want to have one for myself.


myrabev said:

Really lovely graphic designs you have, not sure they are my scene but they are very unique and beautiful.

Kelly Hutchinson

Kelly Hutchinson said:

I love all the retro designs on these shirts. My daughters would love them.

Cara (@StylishGeek)

Cara (@StylishGeek) said:

I totally dig retro shirts! In fact, I wish I kept (instead of donating) my old style shirts from way back when. But at least now I know where to buy some cool ones if I am in the market. Thanks for sharing!

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