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Spread The Peace T-Shirt by One Love Supreme

The United Nations' International Day Of Peace occurs every year on September 21st. On this day, all of humanity are encouraged to focus their actions and thoughts on bringing more peace into our world. From smiling on your brothers and sisters to marching for a cause, anything we can all do to bring us closer to a state of world peace on this day and every day that follows would benefit mankind greatly. We feel every day is Peace Day. Big or small, what actions do you think we can all take on Peace Day... and every day after? We think peace can always start with a simple act of kindness.

Our hand-painted "Spread Peace" t-shirt artwork represents many colors coming together to recreate this iconic symbol of peace. When many colors work together towards a single goal, they can create something of everlasting beauty. So can mankind work towards one goal... one love supreme.

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A One Love Supreme brand exclusive design, found only at The Color Pop Shop.


September 20, 2014 by Robert Sims
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Nancy @ Whispered Inspirations

Nancy @ Whispered Inspirations said:

I love this. What a wicked awesome design. I want one for myself.


christina said:

These are really cool, I just book marked the site so I can do some virtual shopping! I’d love to get my daughter one for September 21st!


Jeanine said:

What a gorgeous shirt! Very pretty. I would wear this around. I love colourful shirts, but peace? Who couldn’t stand to spread a little more peace? Lovely shirt!


christina said:

This design is awesome! I love the bright splashes of color and I have some sneakers that would go great with this tshirt!


Nancy said:

Love the tee and love the type of message it gives off. Spread the peace. That’s the way the entire world should be, right? Enough of this fighting. <3 I mean, I’d totally sport this shirt any day of the year!

Michele D

Michele D said:

Love the colors. So bright and full of color and life. I only wish spreading the peace would be this easy.

Yona Williams

Yona Williams said:

I’m lovin’ the splashes of color in this peace themed T-shirt. I didn’t know that the United Nations’ International Day Of Peace takes place every year on September 21st.

Carolyn Bunch

Carolyn Bunch said:

Very lovely design. I love the message it sends. The colors are so bright and pretty. Spreading the peace one t shirt at a time!


April said:

I love the T Shirt colors, they are beautiful the whole purpose is awesome! All colors coming together is a great campaign.


Jennifer said:

I absolutely love that shirt. I love peace signs and I love the splattered color paint. I will be checking out to buy one

Erin Kennedy

Erin Kennedy said:

I love this shirt and love the message even more! The colors are so fun, and it is nice to bring notice to the cause! Peace is always a good message!

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