Featured T-Shirt: The Roots Of Latin Jazz

The Roots Of Latin Jazz T-Shirt by The Art Of Soul Ltd
Can you hear the beat of the conga drums? At the heart of the Latin jazz beat is Africa's rhythmic influence. The emergence of Afro-Cuban jazz started in the 1940s and Afro-Brazilian jazz in the 1950s. Latin jazz has been a major contributor to the jazz world since the 19th century when various international jazz artists incorporated the rich sound into the mainstream market. Thanks to Latin jazz pioneers like Machito, Gillespie, Santamaria, Jobim, Gilberto, Puente and Corea, everyone around the world embraced the new Latin jazz sound.

Our vibrant, hand-painted “Latin Jazz” graphic t-shirt is created with a love for Latin jazz music. Our artwork celebrates the root cultural and instrumental influences that originated from all over Latin America.

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The Art Of Soul Ltd brand exclusive design, found only at The Color Pop Shop.

February 09, 2015 by Robert Sims
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robin (masshole mommy)

robin (masshole mommy) said:

That is a really cute t-shirt. I am sure jazz fans everywhere will love sporting that when they go out.

Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle said:

That shirt is really cool! It’s super busy, but I like that. The colors are awesome!

Melissa Pezza

Melissa Pezza said:

What a neat shirt! I love all the movement and colors. It’s really great!


Terry said:

Well that is one shirt that stands out for sure. It makes me want to dance to the beat of that conga drum. http://www.myjourneywithcandida.com/


Nancy said:

Fun looking t-shirt, loving the bright colours all together.


Ashley said:

What an awesome T-shirt! I love all the colors, this is truly a unique piece :)


Alli said:

I love all the musical instruments all over the t-shirt. The bright colors are great, too. Cool shirt!

Olivia Schwab

Olivia Schwab said:

This looks like a great T-shirt! I love how there are musical instruments all over the shirt and the type of music it is showing off! Love it!

Treats by Tanya

Treats by Tanya said:

That’s some jazzy colors alright! A couple months ago I took my boys to a blue n jazz concert – they would have been styling with these shirts on :D

Chubskulit Rose

Chubskulit Rose said:

I love listening to jazz. This is such a cute design! It would be nice to have a shirt like that.

Grace Hodgin

Grace Hodgin said:

I am a t-shirt lover and have a large collection. I love the festive looks of these.

bonnie g

bonnie g said:

That is a really nice shirt. I will have to check out your other products as well. =)


rosey said:

That really is jazzy (pun totally intended). I like how vibrant the colors are, they def. compliment a jazz sound.

Nina Say

Nina Say said:

There is nothing better than latin jazz. Of course I am biased, though, as I was raised on it.

Liz Mays

Liz Mays said:

Now that is a really cool T-Shirt. The colors really pop! What a cool celebration of music!

Elizabeth O.

Elizabeth O. said:

That shirt is totally cool! Wonder if I can get it here in my state…

Terri Ramsey

Terri Ramsey said:

Wow I love this design. Looks like this shirt fitted to me, I’m looking into this soon.


Lauren said:

That is a really cute t-shirt. I am sure jazz fans everywhere will love sporting that when they go out.


HilLesha said:

I don’t really get into jazz that much, but that’s a unique style of shirt. So cute! The colors are fun, too.

Pauline C.

Pauline C. said:

These are really cute t-shirt designs! The colors are really vivid! I just hope I can pick up something like these back here…

Lisa @bitesforbabies

Lisa @bitesforbabies said:

I’m not a huge jazz fan but I love the shirt! The combination of colours is great!

Michele D

Michele D said:

Not a fan of Jazz but those t-shirts are cute. Love the colors.

Mhie Lee

Mhie Lee said:

That’s t-shirt looks so cool and I love the color too. Thanks for sharing


Erin said:

What a fun t shirt!! I love it!


Kori said:

I love how colorful and fun that t-shirt design is. Very nice.


lisa said:

What a cute shirt! I love jazz music!

Ann B

Ann B said:

This is a great T shirt. I love Jazz music. I am hoping to get to a festival this summer.


Roselynn said:

Love the pattern on that shirt. I’m not into jazz music, but I would definitely wear that shirt in the summer.


Jeanine said:

What a really cute shirt! I love the pattern, very colourful! Would he perfect for the summer!


CourtneyLynne said:

omg totally loving the t shirt!!! Nothing better than a nice comfy tshirt! I sorta have a collection and this would make a sweet addition ;-)

Cara (@StylishGeek)

Cara (@StylishGeek) said:

Congrats The Art Of Soul Ltd for such a fab The Roots Of Latin Jazz T-Shirt creation!!!

Yona Williams

Yona Williams said:

This is such a bright and colorful shirt design. It would make a really nice gift for a fan of Latin Jazz.


christina said:

I have never really been into jazz. That shirt is really cool though, I love the pop of colors!

Michelle @ Dishes and Dust Bunnies

Michelle @ Dishes and Dust Bunnies said:

That is one cool t shirt! I really love how vibrant and colorful it is!


ricci said:

Cute shirt!! Very colorful and just plain HAPPY!!

Life as a Convert

Life as a Convert said:

What a fun t-shirt. It’s so bright and colorful.


Lynndee said:

So cute and so colorful. I bet Latin jazz lovers will be delighted to see that.

Cherri Megasko

Cherri Megasko said:

That’s a really fun design. It would make a good gift for anyone who enjoys jazz.


Krysta said:

Great tshirt with great colors! Congos are some of my favorites and living in Costa Rica, I hear them often! Right up my alley!


Beth said:

I’m sure jazz fans will love this! The colors are so fun.

Tonya C

Tonya C said:

LOVE this shirt. Colors are fabulous. You guys always have such awesome stuff!


R U S S said:

I adore anything hand-painted, most especially on shirts. I love the colors too!


Sara-Jayne said:

I love the shirt! So bright and I love the font too – I know so many people who would love this!


krystal said:

my husband would totally love this one! i think the colors are so much fun.

Shannon Gurnee

Shannon Gurnee said:

That sounds like such a cool shirt! I would totally wear it! Thanks for sharing.


Danielle said:

This shirt looks so familiar – I swear I’ve seen it. Maybe on social media?

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