Brand Spotlight: The Art Of Soul Ltd

The Art Of Soul Ltd: The Universal Language Of Music
Music speaks to all of us in one language... the language of rhythmic sound. Sound is energy. It can make us move our feet to the beat or move us to tears of joy. Whichever way music touches our lives, it can unify humanity like nothing else in this world. The Art Of Soul Ltd t-shirt brand celebrates the power of music through original works of art that tell a story about the music we love. Our designs explore soul music in all of it's expressions from Blues, Jazz, Gospel, Rock, Folk, Funk and beyond.

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February 07, 2015 by Robert Sims
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robin (masshole mommy)

robin (masshole mommy) said:

That sounds like a great brand of t-shirts. I think the design sounds new and fresh.


Denise said:

I am always looking for a company that does shirts and has a better view on things. This was a great opportunity to look at a new place


christina said:

Wow! They have some really cool items! Thank you for turning me on to them :)

Chubskulit Rose

Chubskulit Rose said:

I am a music lover, it motivates me, it makes me feel better when I am homesick so yeah, music brings life! I will be checking this out.


Amanda said:

You are so incredibly right….music does affect all of us. I listen to different types of music for different purposes all day long…and of course songs and music are a part of showing my boys how much I adore them!

Mhie Lee

Mhie Lee said:

I couldn’t agree for more. Music is great in any ways that’s why I introduce it to my daughter at the very young age.


ladysoda said:

Art and music together is just awesome! How much more when youre actually wearing and walking with it.


April said:

I love music, it is always playing in the background when I work or am working out. Music brings people together.

Reginia Cordell

Reginia Cordell said:

Music is one of my favorite artist outlets and sources of calm. I’d love to support any venture that is associated with the art of music.


Jenny said:

Can’t go on with my day without music. It’s what keeps me going!


Angela said:

I love music and the way you describe it is exactly how I see it. I am in love with the classic soul mug & blue’s bag! I might have to splurge soon! thanks!


Carmy said:

seems like a fun brand!

Liz Leiro (California Pretty)

Liz Leiro (California Pretty) said:

This is a great concept for t-shirts. Music is a huge inspiration to me as a writer and lover of words. There’s nothing like getting to wear some of you favorite song lyrics!


Dogvills said:

This sounds like a great brand of t-shirt. I love the colors and the designs. I would love to try them

Manu Kalia

Manu Kalia said:

A classic, soul or rock you name it, I always love music. This is a great product for sure.

vidya sudarsan

vidya sudarsan said:

Sounds like a great brand.. fun to wear colorful t-shirts. I love music, therefore, this will be perfect for me!

Franc Ramon

Franc Ramon said:

This would be perfect for soul music lovers. They can show their love for music by wearing the art of soul brand.

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